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The sails on the Puma boat, lovingly named Mar Mostro, meaning sea monster. Climbed aboard today for a rather low tempered but fun race against 2 well designed boats and one boat that looked like a craft project. I hate when people fall short on design. Anyway, I digress, more on this to come. So far this trip with Puma has been exactly as planned—we’ve learned so much about Brazilian culture (especially food, well, maybe especially for me only) and the people of Sao Paulo and Itajai. 

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The Ultimate Banksy collection

You’ve seen his work before, but probably didn’t know who he is or connect the dots with all of the pieces. One of the most enigmatic artists of our day, his work has been dismissed as “mere graffiti” by establishment critics.

Banksy was nominated for an Academy Award for directing the documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop, then consequently refused to attend the ceremony when they wouldn’t allow him to show up in disguise.

In his own words:
Please feel free to:
-copy any Banksy imagery in any way for any kind of personal amusement
-Make your own Banksy merchandise for non commercial purposes
-Pretend you drew it yourself for art homework

Find his website here: http://www.banksy.co.uk/

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Career Timeline: 1987 - Pocari Sweat

Moebius is hired by popular Japanese soda company Pocari Sweat to design a commercial for them that would star supermodel Cindy Crawford.

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Ancient ‘Wave of Poseidon’ was real tsunami
Using shells deposited in the sand and data gathered by the sea floor, scientists validated Herodotus’ account of a wave wiping out an army.

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